Gift Maker by Maxis
by Mariva H. Aviram
December 19, 1994
volume 16
number 51
page 91

Gift Maker is handy software for designing and ordering a variety of personalized gifts. After finishing your design, you send it to the vendor for creation and shipment.

Gift Maker includes myriad blank "canvases" to choose from: clocks, clothing, mugs, and even teddy bears with little personalized T-shirts. After choosing the gift product, you can select from a plethora of backgrounds and graphics or create your own.

You can use Gift Maker for holidays, corporate incentives, personal gifts, and for people of different interests and ages. For example, you can design a Christmas teddy bear, mouse pads with a company logo, a coffee mug for your sister, and a clock for a baby's room. Gift Maker provides a unique solution for holiday shopping blahs. Use it to create a personalized gift -- or give someone the whole package and expect a gift in return!

Version 1.0

Opinion: Terrific

Price: $34.95

Company: Maxis
Orinda, California
(800) 54- MAXIS
(510) 254-9700
fax (510) 253-3736