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Cayman Crocs

You know you’re wearing something distinctive when strangers — men, women and children — approach you on the street and say, "Cool shoes! Where’d you get those?"

Crocs makes a variety of slip-on active footwear, each model available in a rainbow of colors. I wear my Cayman Crocs (an updated version of the original Beach model) everywhere: at home, at the beach, in the river, on the street, at casual restaurants, in the shower. They’re cheap, waterproof, colorful, low-maintenance, appropriate for many types of weather and downright futuristic-looking.

The only downside is that one’s feet tend to sweat in them, and while socks mitigate the sweatiness, they make the footwear look not quite as cool as sans socks. Still, though, I plan to pick up spare pairs in pink, purple and turquoise.

Posted April 4, 2006 by Mariva in fashion, recreation, travel

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Tell a friend 1980 nostalgia

Rubik's Cube: 1980 nostalgia

VH1 used to be the second-rate music video channel, targeting an audience about a decade older than MTV’s. But now VH1’s programming generally comprises time-wasting, guilty-pleasure filler shows, like I Love Toys. The show’s pointless exercise in conjuring nostalgia inspired me to dredge up my own memories of the not-too-distant past.


Posted April 3, 2006 by Mariva in fashion, fun, gadgets, games, innovations

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Tell a friend April 1

April Fool's Day

In the mood for romance? Or various other tomfoolery?

Oh, by the way: don’t forget to spring forward tonight. No foolin’.


Posted April 1, 2006 by Mariva in fun, holidays, news

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