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One Brick

On Sunday, as I was walking up Telegraph Hill toward Coit Tower — admiring the colony of fluttering, squawking wild parrots in the treetops — I saw a group of work glove-clad hipsters with rakes and bags in hand, clearing twigs, leaves and other debris around the area. Who were they? They seemed too clean-cut to be performing punitive community service. But they looked too hip to be associated with a squeaky-clean church group. Was I about to have my stereotypes challenged?

Turns out they’re volunteering with One Brick, which coordinates volunteer efforts with various community organizations — and, for volunteers, provides a unique environment for social interaction and professional networking. Through One Brick’s "commitment-free volunteering" framework, you can choose when, where and with what projects to volunteer, so that you don’t have to commit to an ongoing schedule. The three or four hours of volunteer time is followed by dinner or drinks at a restaurant or cafe. Sounds perfect for busy, socially conscious folks. One Brick volunteer opportunities are currently available in San Francisco, New York and Chicago.

Posted January 31, 2006 by Mariva in community, social

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