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Google Earth

For the subject of my very first post to Mariva’s Guide, I chose the fantastic Google Earth, which lets you fly at mind-boggling speeds over the cities, oceans, mountain ranges and landscapes of our home planet. Google Earth is a free, 3D spherical map of the planet, created from composites of recent aerial photographic images and altitude data. If exploring our world (including the Grand Canyon, highways, schools and cafes) weren’t exhilarating enough, you can read the myriad personal comment tags all over the globe — and add your own.

Tech culture writer Annalee Newitz examines the global geopolitical implications of Google Earth in her Techsploitation column “Invisible Earth.”

Update: Google Sightseeing takes you to the "best tourist spots in the world via satellite images."

Posted October 15, 2005 by Mariva in fun, innovations, resources

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