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Heelys Lilac Sparkle Shoes

Yesterday, in the Metreon, I happened to be walking alongside a girl, maybe twelve, who — all of a sudden — appeared to be floating along the floor, à la the Hogwarts ghosts in a Harry Potter movie. I assumed she was wearing inline skates, but when I looked at her footwear, all I saw was a pair of ordinary-looking sneakers.

"Excuse me," I asked, "how are you doing that?"

"It’s magic!" the girl’s dad said.

"It seems that way," I agreed, thinking of the Hogwarts ghosts. The girl showed me the sole of one of her shoes; embedded in the heel was a single but sturdy wheel. Amazed, I immediately wanted a pair.

Luckily, Heelys Shoes are made in both kids’ and adult sizes. My favorite are the Heelys Lilac Sparkle Shoes.

Posted November 17, 2005 by Mariva in fashion, fun, innovations

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