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Tell a friend fun sites


Googlism: Find out what Google "thinks" of you — or of anyone or anything else.

The Dialectizer: Turn the verbal content of a web page into any of a variety of funny dialects, including "Jive," "Cockney," "Elmer Fudd," "Swedish Chef," "Moron," "Pig Latin" or "Hacker." I sound quite cornpone when Mariva’s Guide has been Redneck Dialectized.

5ives: Lists of five things within a random topic, such as "five ways to get on the home page" or "five terrible fake ideas for a retro TV comeback."

Keepers of Lists is a similar idea to 5ives, but each list has a different number of things, such as "top 65 signs you’re obsessed with Harry Potter" or "top 33 things to do with a paperclip."

Dilbert’s Ultimate Cubicle: Kind of like Scott Adams’ Ultimate House.

Million Dollar Homepage: Yeah, I’m envious, too. A great idea like this is akin to winning the lottery, because it most likely can’t be replicated. A good directory of educational activities, coloring books, comics, crafts, games, sports, story books, companion sites to children’s television programs, and sites specifically for girls’ interests. If you really need to visit this site, you might want to get a hobby.

Linky & Dinky: Even better than

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