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Tell a friend the antisocial bagpiper

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I often find the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s daily news show As It Happens amusing in a, well, Canadian sort of way. While much of the news comprises standard reports about national or global affairs, some segments focus on stories with a distinctly maple leaf flavor, such as fishing contests, hockey games, hunting adventures and so on. But stories set in other countries have a folksy tone as well. A story on December 9 had me cracking up: Andrew Caulfield, a thirteen-year-old bagpiper, had gotten in trouble with the city council of Paisley, Scotland for playing his bagpipes too loudly and disturbing a neighbor. The council threatened to label the boy as "antisocial." Listen as Caulfield recites a litany of what antisocial really means. (Forward your audio player to 21 minutes, 37 seconds to listen to the 8-minute segment.)

Posted December 16, 2005 by Mariva in entertainment, music, news

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