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Tell a friend shipwrecked in New York City

This American Life: "In the Shadow of the City"

The O.C. character Summer Roberts described This American Life as the "…[radio] show where those hipster know-it-alls talk about how fascinating ordinary people are." Albeit an accurate description, I enjoy Ira Glass’s stories nonetheless. "In the Shadow of the City" (aired February 3, 2006) sent me on an emotional roller coaster ride. “Act One” — a story about literally getting shipwrecked in the archipelago of New York City — made me laugh so hard that I temporarily lost control of a certain bodily function and had to change my pants. I think what did it for me was: “…I got a little mad at the city of New York. I could understand if they had just one pay phone there, or at least, I don’t know, like a button to press to know that you’re there, you know?” (16 minutes, 42 seconds) — as well as the absurd image of fashioning slippers or a raft out of ducks (18 minutes, 32 seconds).

I had the exact opposite reaction to "Act Two," a sobering personal description of the post-Katrina cleanup nightmare in New Orleans. And "Act Three" simply made me crave chocolate.

Posted February 9, 2006 by Mariva in entertainment, news

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