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Tell a friend New Year’s Eve versus New Year’s Day

making a decision

Hey, you know what else occurred to me about New Year’s? You have to decide what your intention is for these highly anticipated couple of days. Is your focus on the night of December 31st or the morning of January 1st? Are you going to stay up late on New Year’s Eve, drinking and partying (and therefore waking up with a hangover the next day), or are you going to go to bed at a reasonable time, lay off the sauce and get up bright and early on New Year’s Day, so that you can exercise and prepare a traditional meal? In other words, you can either celebrate the past or get a head start on the future; you can’t effectively do both, at least within the space of this 24-hour period. Witness Dagwood Bumstead and the introduction to this article.

Posted January 2, 2006 by Mariva in holidays, social

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