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Sally Beauty up-do

[17:35] mariva: Look at this great hairdo. I wish I could figure out how to do that sort of thing with my hair.
[17:35] alisa: I think they put a sponge under her hair and pin pieces of hair over it.
[17:36] mariva: But, according to the instructions, you’re supposed to “comb the crown section back and secure with a seamless elastic, leaving bangs or shorter front layers around the face,” which seems kind of impossible.
[17:37] alisa: No, that is all wrong. They are lying.

[17:37] mariva: This in particular seems impossible: “Brush the side and back sections; twist, tuck ends under and pin, like a French Twist.” And then this: “Fan the ponytail, tuck the ends under and secure with bob pins, creating a bouffant crown.” But how does that work? How can you accomplish this if you can’t see the top of your head?
[17:37] alisa: OK, here’s how you do it:
[17:37] alisa:
[17:37] alisa:
[17:37] mariva: Nu?
[17:37] alisa:
[17:37] alisa: Go to a salon,
[17:37] alisa: and have somebody do it
[17:37] mariva: LOL!!
[17:37] mariva: Pay $$$, in other words.
[17:37] mariva: You’re hilarious.
[17:37] alisa: It’s hard to do yourself — unless you’re good at that type of thing.
[17:37] mariva: Nah, I suck at that type of thing.
[17:38] mariva: I only just recently figured out how to blow-dry my hair, and I had to get a special device to do it.
[17:38] alisa: A diffuser?
[17:38] mariva: No, it’s a wand that looks like a curling brush and sends hot air through holes in between the bristles.
[17:38] alisa: Huh. It works? Easy to do?
[17:39] mariva: Yeah, for the most part. I wouldn’t say it’s that easy, but it’s not impossible, as it is with a regular blow dryer. I basically brush my hair with this round brush, and the hair dries while I’m brushing. I have to use those salon clips to hold various sections of my hair, and I dry only one section at a time, starting at the bottom of the back. I have to brush slowly, but, if I do it right, it does “flip up” the bottom in that cute way that’s all the rage right now.
[17:39] alisa: I never have enough energy to blow dry my hair; my arm gets tired.
[17:39] mariva: Mine, too. It’s definitely a 20-minute intensive project.
[17:40] alisa: Huh.
[17:40] mariva: You know what I used to do? Turn my head upside down, fry all my hair with a regular blow dryer, and then curl it into place with a curling iron. It took forever.
[17:40] alisa: Oh god, I used to dry & curl, too! In seventh grade. And sometimes, when I was late for school, only one side was curled under.
[17:41] mariva: Oh, jeez.
[17:41] alisa: The left would be curled; the right would be straight.
[17:41] mariva: I hated those days. A full 40 minutes with the curling iron. What a godawful waste of time.
[17:41] alisa: Where did we get the patience?
[17:41] mariva: I think the desire to fit in overshadowed our impatience.
[17:41] alisa: Yeah.

Posted October 26, 2005 by Mariva in beauty, fashion

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