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Cayman Crocs

You know you’re wearing something distinctive when strangers — men, women and children — approach you on the street and say, "Cool shoes! Where’d you get those?"

Crocs makes a variety of slip-on active footwear, each model available in a rainbow of colors. I wear my Cayman Crocs (an updated version of the original Beach model) everywhere: at home, at the beach, in the river, on the street, at casual restaurants, in the shower. They’re cheap, waterproof, colorful, low-maintenance, appropriate for many types of weather and downright futuristic-looking.

The only downside is that one’s feet tend to sweat in them, and while socks mitigate the sweatiness, they make the footwear look not quite as cool as sans socks. Still, though, I plan to pick up spare pairs in pink, purple and turquoise.

Posted April 4, 2006 by Mariva in fashion, recreation, travel

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5 Responses to “Crocs”

  1. Mike says:

    My wife bought a pair last week. She likes them and they look good on her. I’d try a pair but I don’t think they make them in size 15…

  2. Rez Dog says:

    Crocs are one of the most popular off trail footwear options for Appalachian Trail hikers.

  3. Titus says:

    Uhg. Crocs are an abomination of footware. People wear those horrid, ugly things everywhere. The only approprate place for hot pink footwear is on the beach, under the surf, with the fish. Ew.

  4. FreeThinker says:

    I never heard of CROCS until I received a pair as a gift last year. I’ve really “grown” into them now!

  5. bruce says:

    I think when people ask you where to get those shoes they are really trying to find out where not to shop. They are being polite, it is like when someone is walking down the street with a hideous tie, of course you are going to compliment it, it is so hidsous you cant focus on anything else.
    Sorry just my opinion