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Privacy Policy

Subscription Lists & Email Addresses
We hold the names and email addresses of subscribers in confidence and will not disclose specific subscriber information unless required by law. Subscription lists can be accessed by Mariva H. Aviram and anyone granted access by Mariva H. Aviram in the regular course of business and maintenance of Every reasonable effort will be taken to protect access to the subscription lists.

Aggregate information about subscription lists (such as the total number of subscribers) may be disclosed.

To receive the mailing list via email, you must provide us with your email address; without it, we can’t send you anything. Although we don’t require subscribers to tell us their names, your email program or provider may include your name with your subscription request. If so, we’ll record your name with your email address; the information helps ensure we don’t confuse you with anyone else when sorting out subscription problems.

Web Server Usage
Information about how people access is recorded. This information includes, but is not limited to, your IP address (or the DNS name associated with it) and what web software you’re using.

We may record information about queries submitted to search facilities to better understand how people use our search features.

The web site may use cookies to keep track of your online session.

Aggregate information about the usage of may be available to the public. Aggregate information is defined as overall statistics concerning site access, as well as access sub-classifications such as, but not limited to, readers’ top picks, most viewed posts and other data pertaining to site use. Every reasonable attempt will be made to guard access to non-aggregate information.

Editorial Mail and Submissions
Email messages sent to the editorial addresses, as well as editorial web submission forms submitted to, are considered public statements and become the property of Mariva H. Aviram. Unless noted otherwise in the message itself, we may publish such messages (including the author’s name) in whole or in part on the web site or email newsletter. We will not publish the author’s email address without permission. We will do our best to honor advance requests not to publish specific messages or the names or email addresses of correspondents.

External Links
The web site and email newsletter contain numerous links to other sites. Mariva H. Aviram, or anyone affiliated with either entity cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of other organizations or the content of external web sites.

By accessing any of the external links contained in the web site and/or newsletter, either through the web site or newsletter, or by other means, you agree not to hold Mariva H. Aviram, or anyone affiliated with either entity liable or responsible for the privacy policies of sites linked to by said external links.

General Privacy Policy Disclaimer
By providing your email address and related information, and/or by accessing by any means, you indemnify Mariva H. Aviram;; employees, contractors and associates of; and anyone affiliated with in the regular course of business against any and all liability related to accidental release of subscriber information, collected access, user traffic information and/or personal information due to circumstances beyond the control of aforementioned individuals and entities.

Mariva H. Aviram and reserve the right to sell or transfer the mailing list as part of a sale or transfer of the entire site, if such a sale or transfer should occur. By providing your email address (with or without related information) you indemnify Mariva H. Aviram, and anyone affiliated with either entity against any future liability related to the usage of your email address and related information.

Mariva H. Aviram and reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, and, you, by accessing and/or using or related materials including, but not limited to, the newsletter, agree to any future legally defensible changes to this Privacy Policy.